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Why aren't we building more bike paths?

Active transportation is a subject that I and many in Roberts Creek are passionate about. First of all let me state that transportation in regional districts is ultimately the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI). Up until now MoTI has prioritized motor vehicles as the main mode of transportation and therefore most of the infrastructure, which is all in various states of disrepair, is built for motor vehicles. MoTI doesn't have enough funding to keep the roads we have in good shape, let alone add active transportation infrastructure. MoTI is slowly realizing that they need to change their paradigm, but nothing the Province does happens quickly. Therefore, in the past, we have used gas tax funding provided by the federal government to build bike paths, like the section of Lower Road between Joe Rd and the Heart of the Creek. Unfortunately, somebody at some point noticed that gas tax funding is only eligible on capital projects on property owned or controlled by the SCRD. Since roads are the jurisdiction of MoTI, we can no longer use gas tax funds to expand our bike paths. But wait, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After several years of back and forth, as I write this in December of 2020, we are close to a Memoranda of Understanding with MoTI, enabling us to recommence bike path building in the near future. Let's keep our fingers crossed. 

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