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June 2022 Newsletter

Happy summer Roberts Creek! As the summer heats up, our work at the SCRD board starts slowing down, and we take August off.

Speeding on Lower Road As a result of the Joe Road construction, which is slated to continue into October, some people have decided that it’s faster to take Lower Road, but only if you’re going highway speeds. I have raised the issue with the Ministry of Transportation on the hope and a prayer that they might come out of the dark ages of rural road construction and maybe create a shared road like the one below I saw in the Netherlands, but “they don’t do that at MoTI”.

They also don’t do speed bumps, or traffic islands, and speed signs don’t help. They are trying to get a mobile speed indicating camera to share around the Coast, but so far it’s just a budget request.

Highway 101 Alternate Route Planning Study

Make sure to check out the Ministry of Transportation Highway 101 Alternate Route Planning Study, they are looking for public feedback. There are several proposed routes through the Creek, let your preference be known.

All the Rest

I was just looking through Donna McMahon’s newsletter to see if I missed anything I wanted to write about, and I realized that she covered everything I wanted to write about, and she did a better job than me, so I will simply link to her newsletter.

That’s it from me for now. In case you have any questions or concerns, you can always email me.

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