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August 2020 Newsletter

While us directors have been taking it easy over August, staff has continued to diligently work away at our initiatives, prompting me to write a short newsletter for the beginning of September. There are two important topics that I need to tell you about:

The recreation restart

I would like to share the tentative re-opening dates for our recreation facilities. Please keep in mind that due to COVID, many facilities and activities will be modified. Drop-in access will not be permitted. To register, please go online at or phone 604-885-6801. Dates may change slightly due to facility testing and final preparations.

Gibsons & Area Community Centre

o Fitness Centre – September 4

o Arena – September 8

o Fitness Classes & Programming – September 28

Pender Harbour Aquatic & Fitness Centre

o Pool & Fitness Centre – September 14

o Fitness Classes & Programming – September 28

Sechelt Aquatic Centre

o Fitness Centre – September 9

o Pool – September 10

o Fitness Classes & Programming – September 28

Sunshine Coast Arena – September 28

o Dry floor use only

Gibsons & District Aquatic Facility will remain closed.

Organics pickup

Organics curbside pickup will start Oct. 6th, 2020. It will be happening weekly and your new bin, as well as your guide, will be dropped at your property between Sept. 14-30. For more details about your schedule and what you can throw in the bin and what you can’t, visit If you’re wondering why opting out isn’t an option, here is my blog post from a while ago explaining why.

I thought I’d keep it short and sweet. In case you have any questions or concerns, you can always email me.

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