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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Roberts Creek is generally a community where we need a car to get around. Buses are an option, but service is only along the two arteries and their frequency is not great. We also live on the side of a mountain, which means unless you're walking/biking/driving parallel to the shoreline, you are either going up or down a hill, which can be a sweaty affair! But there are solutions! For those active types, and for those two arteries that are generally fairly flat, we should continue our efforts to widen the shoulders and create bike paths. With the advent of e-bikes, hills have become less onerous. Electric cars are becoming more and more affordable. We have an opportunity to become a very bike-friendly community here, and while we're doing that, with the proper signage we can create more of a draw for tourism. I dream of a Sunshine Coast where Langdale to Egmont is connected by one continuous, safe bike route with Brew Pubs, Cideries and B&B's creating great places to sit, eat and sleep. Thoughts? Comments? Let me know.

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